Hardwood Floors

Hardwood Floors

Why Choose Hardwood Floors?

Hardwood flooring is natural and beautiful. No other flooring offers the warmth, beauty, and value of wood flooring. Wood flooring enhances the decor of any room, and provides timeless beauty that will increase in value throughout the years.

At Great Floors, you can choose from a wide range of premium hardwood styles from traditional, to contemporary, to exotic, and everything in between!

Whatever your flooring style, needs, or budget, our flooring specialists are here to help you through your decision-making process. With Great Floors, you can get the floor of your dreams.


Hardwood floors come in a range of colors to fit any décor. You can achieve a unique, one-of-a-kind look with custom stains and finishes. The possibilities are endless. We have an extensive selection of colors, styles and patterns can satisfy your every design need, budget and lifestyle.


Today’s hardwood floors come in more than 50 species–both domestic and exotic–spanning the spectrum of color options, hardness, and price ranges. No matter what the look you want to achieve, our hardwood flooring has a variety of wood species to meet your needs. Choose from oak, maple, cherry, white ash, hickory, pecan and more!


The appearance of the hardwood determines its “grade.” All grades are equally strong and serviceable, but each affords you a different look.


The angle at which a board is cut determines how the finished product looks. Hardwood flooring is either plain sawn, quarter sawn or rift sawn.

So how do you select what’s best for your home? Our flooring consultants will help you choose the floor of your choice for the home of your dreams.

Colors and Species Selection

A sampling of the colors and species Great Floors has to offer are:

  • Siberian elegant oak
  • Tuscany Oak Natural
  • Golden Oak Saddle
  • Oak Tobacco
  • Chateaux Natural Oak
  • Hand Scraped Acacia Bronze
  • Birch X Chestnut
  • Birch Honey Hand Scraped
  • Asian Teak Oak
  • Oak Coffee
  • Acacia Natural Hand Scraped
  • Birch 5″ Wheat Harvest
  • Scottsdale Rich Suede Birch
  • Calico Acacia
  • Natural Walnut
  • Coconut Birch
  • Natural Hickory
  • Sunset Birch
  • Saddle Hickory
  • Spanish Sandal
  • Truffle Hickory
  • Driftwood Oak
  • Clearwater Oak
  • Pecan